A Plaything for the Great Observers at Rest – Norimichi Hirakawa

Posted in MediaArt by tpdr on December 5, 2008

I first heard about this installation reading the CyberArts 2008 International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica book. Reading about it and watching it on the DVD included with the book, it semmed to be a great experience playing with it. Here is how the artist would outline it himself:

In this installation, audience can control viewpoint and switch between geocentric model and heliocentric model through the operation of the device, conceptual model of Sun and Earth. But the operation of a moving eye : this is a kind of privileged power that the unmoving observer, using only a paper and a pen, a telescope, and his own imagination, can be able to reach. The act of re-adjusting the core of the world is a truly dynamic and exciting experience, but only in the conceptional phase. This concept made me named this artwork “plaything”. (Norimichi Hirakawa)

For more information you should just visit this page on the installation. Or if you want to find out more about other projects of this artist visit the website.


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