What Is Reality?!

Posted in quotes and advices by tpdr on February 7, 2009

During my last talk with Mr Malcolm Le Grice, we talked about augmented reality and the fact that reality is always discussed. It is obvious that our definition of ‘reality’ has become problamatic. Since I think Malcolm Le Grice had an interesting defenition I had to post this:

‘Reality or the real is the arena of irreversable consequence(s).’ Malcolm Le Grice

To me this definition makes a lot of sense. The level of ‘irreversability’ could be a measure in situations like this: Somebody goes on Second Life every day, all of a sudden gets in contact with some other user/avatar and starts to fall in love. You could say Second Life is virtual, yet the feelings are real and I am sure if you digg deeper, you will find other irreversable consequences in relation to this example.


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