Who are we playing games?

Posted in Gaming by tpdr on February 13, 2009

Just wanted to add this question to make sure I keep it somewhere in mind:

When playing a computer game, do we choose our character because we want to be like that or are we like our character but affraid to see or admit we are like this in reality?

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  1. sveng said, on February 14, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    Probably it’s a lot like in the movies. In the words of Zizek: “It doesn’t give you what you desire, it tells you how to desire.”

    It ‘tells’ us? One can protest and say: in games we can make decisions as a player. But then we should of course ask ourselves whether these choices are actually ‘free’, or just random possibilities within the given parameters set by the game.

    Well, instead of just being random, I believe we can actually learn about ourselves in the actual process of playing a game. The amount in which the game affects us is, I think, a choice on our part. We either allow yourself to be this character or we don’t. In fiction, of course 🙂 .

    But what’s the difference between real life and the fictional gaming environment? I would say: the choice of responsibility in everyday life and the effect in terms of real-life consequences. This knife cuts on both sides: either we retreat to the fictional state to assume (or avoid?) responsibility – during the instant of gaming – in order to prevent doing any harm in the real world (which we tragically still do by not doing anything at all) or we engage in real life and suffer the possible consequences.

    It’s interesting to consider your question as a profoundly moral one, in the sense of: “How do we dare to play games?”


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