Man On Earth – Transmedia Research/2.1 (Transmedia Input Year 2009)

Posted in Transmedia Research by tpdr on June 9, 2009

The aim of this research would be to create a character that feels disconnected and lost, trying to find some stability. Dressed in a white overall, wearing gloves and a white ball, all senses are blocked which makes the actor move in hesitating way, feeling insecure at every step. Carrying a mirror-flag he looks also like an astronaut walking around on Earth instead of the moon or any other planet, which makes him look even more lost. The flag itself reflects the light and the surroundings, making it a liquid flag constantly adopting itself to its environment while at the same time colonizing the landscape.

In the first video, made as a test, one can see the character in some kind of environment, never getting a real clear view of the landscape, thus confronting the viewer with a feeling of being lost as well. In addition to this, using night vision, the image contains a certain amount of noise and and has a greenish color. Combined with the sound of the sun mix I made as my contribution to the sound of the Magenta Room project (part of the Mediated Environments Research Project at Transmedia), the video gets a specific atmosphere that could also make the whole look like a possible future in which man would have to walk around in suits covering the body, protecting it from radioactivity for example.

In the future I will try different locations and settings, but especially plan to use the know-how obtained through experimenting with different video techniques to improve the work on the technical and narrative level.





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