Posted in Society and Technology, Uncategorized by tpdr on December 16, 2009

Just wanted to post this TED-talk about the AlloSPhere. This 360°-data visualisation does a visual and sonic mapping of complex data. However when watching the presentation I was wondering whether there would be a more interesting way to use sound as a mapping code, as I found the sounds in the AlloSphere more valuable as ‘special effects’ adding to the dramatic aspect of the visualization, but not really an added value in the sense that the sounds don’t really contribute a lot to the mapping and they could as well be left out, except for the fact that they probably make the experience more immersive. So while I continue to think about the combination of sound and mapping, I will be looking for examples that are more valuable on this level. Since I have always concentrated on working mostly with visuals and typography, sound art is not my specialty so I think I will bump into some interesting projects combining sound and mapping soon.

Nevertheless I think the AlloSphere is still a valuable project especially when it comes to making really complex scientific data accessible. Enjoy! See the demo.


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