Mirror sound/sound Mirroring

Posted in Transmedia Research by tpdr on December 24, 2009

Just a first quick thought. When talking about mirroring sound or a sound mirror, one could say the most basic idea could be to have a room where somebody walks along one wall while on the floor there are some microphones and each of those is connected to a speaker (maybe at some distance) that replay the sound of e.g. the footsteps immediately back to the person walking along the wall.

reflexion of sound, such as in echos or just in different rooms takes us to acoustics. In fact, contrary to creating a visual reflexion, one doesn’t need a material that has mirror-like qualities (really shiny glass with the right amount of light under the right angle…or a mirror) to reflect sounds. Especially low sounds are reflected back at its source by almost any flat, opposite surface (I know I put it really simple here).

Another question I am asking myself is concerning ‘transparency’. When can one say that a sound is ‘transparent’? Does silence equal transparency? The tricky thing is that when something is transparent, there is actually something there, we just don’t notice/see it, or maybe just a little…same principle should be then applied to sound. This would mean that transparency of sound is flirting with the limits of hearing.

To be continued….

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