Wittgenstein Quoted

Posted in quotes and advices, Transmedia Research by tpdr on April 7, 2010

He (Ludwig Wittgenstein) once asked me: ‘Why do people say it is more logical to think that the sun turns around the Earth than Earth rotating around its own axis?’ I answered: ‘I think because it seems as if the sun turns around the Earth.’ ‘Good,’ he said, ‘but how would it have been if it had seemed as if the Earth rotates around its own axis then?’

Translated ou of the Dutch translated version of ‘Egotunnel’ by Thomas Metzinger, the original quote should be on p.151 of Elizabeth Anscombe’s An Introduction to Wittgenstein’s Tractatus’ (London, 1959)

It is hard to answer Wittgenstein’s final question, but it is even harder, impossible even, to imagine how it would have been if it would have seemed as if Earth rotates around its own axis, as it actually does. However I think that it would have affected especially our ‘ego’s’/our ‘Selves’. Even though incorrect, it does seem more logical that Earth is the center and the sun turns around it. Even though we know the Earth rotates and the sun is actually the center, we are not seeing it this way. If we keep seeing it in the ‘logical’ way, we can still see our Earth, the home of the humans, as the center of the Universe. As long as we feel like this, our ego’s don’t need to worry, they can be big and strong … sure … why not, we ARE the center of the Universe! … I think we need this illusion, however, I am very very very curious how it would indeed be if we would be fully aware of the fact that we are not at the center of, or more boldly: how it would be if we wouldn’t think of ourselves as being the center of the Universe.


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