Building a Mediated Environment – Transmedia Research/1.1 (Transmedia Input Year 2009)

Posted in Transmedia Research by tpdr on June 9, 2009

The mediated environment I was planning to build was supposed to become a mirror room, made of 4 see-thru-mirror walls. The single visitor inside would be confronted with a virtual landscape, projected on the outside of the mirror walls. However as the viewer moves around the space, he will trigger the lights on the inside of the mirror room, eventually making it so bright inside that the walls become mirrors again. At this point they would reflect each other and take the visitor to a sort of endless space. The displacing effect would be a reference to the displacing effect of media, connecting us to different spaces than our own. At the same time I would be researching the integration of media in architectural space, connecting myself to the field of Interactive Architecture.

As this project depended strongly on the effects and characteristics of the used materials, it took a little more time than my other works to get it going. At this point I have started testing different see-thru-mirror foils/filters and built one wall in order to try and combine it with a projector. The images below are all taken while experimenting with this first, basic setup (not yet using the landscape images). As this led to some unexpected results, showing the projected image slightly on the see-thru-mirror foil, showing the same image more clearly on the normal wall behind the mirror wall and creating a distorted, reflected image on the opposite wall, I decided to stick with these effects a little longer. I also added RGB-Led-tracks that originally reacted to the footsteps of visitors, however in the video documentation I will post soon it responds to music which I find less appealing.

As every new step exposes new possibilities I feel like I have to take my time to document each result and evaluate its possibilities in order to find new solutions, to change direction or to use some revealed effects for other projects.

As this is clearly a work in progress, I will post new documentation regularly, also commenting on the results, problems that need to be solved, new inspirations, etc.