Mapping A Mental Universe – Transmedia Research/3.1(Transmedia Input Year 2009)

Posted in Transmedia Research by tpdr on June 9, 2009

The relationship between man and his environment has become more complex than ever before. Especially new technologies seem to make our lives easier, but in fact have a disorientating effect as well. In addition, we all have our personal view on the world influenced by memories and/or emotions.

With this set of drawings, applying techniques that allow chance to enter the process, I try to tap into my own memories of landscapes, maps, pictures of remote sites(mostly macrocosmic), microscopic patterns, etc. to bring them together in a kind of personal, mental maps. It is up to the viewer to compare them to his/her own personal view on the world and allow the maps to trigger personal memories, fantasies or imagination, in order to get carried away.

Various formats. Using: soap-water & ink, pencil, prints, ink, smoke/fire and sand.



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