Augmented Sculpture Series – Pablo Valbuena

Posted in MediaArt by tpdr on December 26, 2008

Pablo Valbuena studied to be an architect, but ended up in the gaming industrie and currently focusses on media art. He is interested in the combination of space and time, to be more specific about space in transformation.

He first started with a rather ‘simple’ construction (= the real layer) and added a projection (= the virtual layer) to add these two up to get an augmented reality.


Augmented Sculpture by Pablo Valbuena

Augmented Sculpture by Pablo Valbuena








As he gets outside into the public space, things get more exciting. I can’t say I am amazed by every piece he does but I really like the part of the projection he did on the city hall in The Hague (the Netherlands) when the stones of the building seem to be moving back and forward or even look like they are turning arround.

To understand what I am talking about you should just watch his movies on his website.