Posted in MediaArt by tpdr on February 3, 2009

Peinliche Ordnung is a short movie, the artist himself calls it an essay, based on a chapter found in the book Der totale Widerstand – Kleinkriegsanleitung für jedermann published in 1957 in Switzerland. The book was a guide for the Swiss, telling them what to do in the case that Switzerland was occupied by foreign organisations. The texts soon became spread ouside the country and has been used by guerilla organisatiosn like the german R.A.F.

Theo Ligthart recites the chapter about torture and is, after a few minutes, getting instructions of a woman telling him how to read, forcing him to repeat sentences or paragraphs etc. This way the situation seems to evoke an interogation setup and as the remarks on the reading become more forceful, starts to refer to situation of torture. In addition I would like to add that Ligthart has suffered from deslectia, therefor this situation for the video is also linked to his childhood memories of the horror of reading texts out loud in the class, getting constant remarks of his teacher.

More info about Theo Ligthart and Peinliche Ordnung can be found on this website.